Anthony Muñoz Leadsership Seminar


Last friday I got the honor of attending the Anthony Muñoz Leadership Seminar along with 19 other athletes from Mason High School. Before I even got off the bus, I know I would be in for an eventful day as nearly a dozen Chick-fil-a cows surrounded us as we unloaded off of the bus, dancing and chest bumping. As we walked into the Sintas Center we were greeted by KJ-52, a middle aged rapper who clearly wrote his own songs and loved the art of the fist pump.

The theme of the day was trending. At first I thought they were just trying to be modern with the hashtag #NTCINCY15 but it was much more than that. Speakers such as Santa J. Ono, the President of the University of Cincinnati, spoke to us about the current trends in our society. This included problems such as racism, bullying, and divorce. We were taught that these trends must be broken but also new trends need to be made. To finish off the night, Lauren Hill’s mother spoke to us. It was an emotional presentation that had the crowd in need of a few tissues but her goal was ultimately to persuade us to start trends. Just as Lauren Hill started the trend of taking her disease and turning it into a way to help children who may be diagnosed with it in the future, we need to start a trend in our on community.

Before we were dismissed, Anthony Muñoz came out and showed us a video of Moeller, a school that accepted the challenge to help. They went down to a small mountain town in Peru and after raising money for supplies, they built an irrigation system for the people. This idea sparked a year ago for these boys and it actually turned into something extraordinary.

For some schools, this day was just a free lunch and a free t-shirt but I believe that Mason has the capability to make a difference. We talked about going to the poorest city per capita in America, Jackson, KY and building them facilities to play sports such as a baseball field or a soccer field. Regardless of the mission we decide, the challenge is accepted and leadership will be shown at Mason High School thanks to Anthony Muñoz and his mission.

  • Mason High School Leadership team accompanied by Anthony Moñez a former NFL player and founder of the seminar.

    Mason High School Leadership team accompanied by Anthony Munoz a former NFL player and founder of the seminar.


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